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Enjoy this new way of shopping, an easy and safe way to acquire our products up to your door. We are very confident that you will be pleased to buy in our platform Lupita's Market.

Lupita’s Market is a derivation of the company Fecha Mexican Produce, which offers a wide variety of products since 1987, with 30 years in the market in the United States, located mainly in Houston TX.

We have been at the forefront, and for reasons such as those we are experiencing today, we have developed this platform called Lupita’s Market, which will provide all our customers an easy and safe way to acquire all the products in our general catalog.

You can request from 1 piece to boxes or wholesale purchases, since our platform is connected directly to our Sales Centers and Warehouses in Mexico and Houston TX. This allows us to organize our orders and above all maintain communication mainly with the Production Center in Mexico for its preparation and especially product verification.

4 Years ago we began in the city of Parras de la Fuente, in the State of Coahuila to build our first food packaging plant so that you can enjoy the flavors of Mexico around the world, we import and export to the United States Quality Product, selected with the best quality of our Food Engineers as well as our qualified staff that every day are certified in the different types of mechanisms for the development of high quality food.

That is why in Lupita’s Brand we are working hard to offer you not only quality products but also Health and Wellness for your Family.

Visit our website, get to know our great range of products that are ideal mainly for good nutrition and personal care.

We hope you trust us and keep buying from us, we will always be happy to be with you.

Thank you for trusting us.

Discover Lupita's Market

January 1987
Gets launched as Fecha Mexican Produce LLC.
May 2012
We start with the new Lupita's Brand.
February 2017
Brand positioning through Social Networks
March 2017
Lupitas Brand is created in Mexico
April 2020
The New Lupita's Market Platform is up and running

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